About me

Tenacious, talented and tired probably sums me up!


Look, it’s easy for people to say this about themselves, but here’s my proof. As an undergraduate student in my final year at Aberdeen University, I stood in court and testified about the rape I accused my next door neighbour of.  He was controversially acquitted, which was front page news at the time.  That was tough.  Really tough.  The law on rape in Scotland was subsequently changed because of ‘my’ case.  If you want to know more, drop me a line and I’ll tell you what to Google.

That’s not all, though.  Not long after the trial ended, he gave an interview to a newspaper saying he was suing me for defamation of character.  Say, what?  Yes, he gave an interview to a Scottish broadsheet and told all who cared to listen that he was going to sue me.  It was difficult enough to come to terms with the way the trial ended, but suddenly I had to get me a lawyer and prepare for yet another legal wrangle.

The observant amongst you will have noticed I said in my first paragraph that I was in my final year at university while all this occurred.  When the news story about being sued broke I visited my tutor and asked for a wee extension to the deadline for my dissertation.  It was a good enough excuse, right?  Oh, I’m being sued so my mind isn’t really on the border wars between Scotland and England in the 14th century right now.  Luckily my tutor agreed.

Now, you may be wondering where amongst all of this my tenacity comes in.  Well, here we are, I have reached my proof.  I didn’t use my extension.  I handed my dissertation in on time and I passed my degree with an Upper Second Class Honours.  

See?  Tenacious.

As for talented and tired?  Well, I’ll let my writing speak for itself and hopefully you will agree that there is a wee bit of talent there.  Explore my site and see for yourself and if you want to know more then simply get in touch – I look forward to hearing from you.

Tired?  I have three young children, one of whom thinks sleep is for wimps.  That is all I’m saying about tired right now.